"Smile Again New Orleans" Mobile Dental Van

“Smile Again, New Orleans” is a HRSA Special Project of National Significance (SPNS) initiative to provide oral health care services to the HIV positive population of Greater New Orleans on a mobile dental van. It is a collaborative effort with the LSU School of Dentistry, MCLNO, and the HIV Outpatient Program/HOP. Partners include the NO/AIDS Task Force and N`R Peace. The “Smile Again, New Orleans” clinical team consists of a dentist and a dental assistant that provides oral healthcare services in two chairs on the mobile van.

Diagnostic services, preventative services, and simple restorative procedures are provided, and referrals are available for complicated restorative. The mobile dental van will travel to sites identified as having a significant population of those that are HIV positive and in need of oral health care services.

The van is regularly stationed in Downtown/Mid-City and New Orleans East. Click the link for locations and schedules. Call (504) 292.2519 for more information.