Save the Gulf Partners with JeffCAP for Oil Spill Recovery

Save the Gulf is comprised of private citizens from the West Coast who have a genuine concern for our nation. This non-politically affiliated movement decided not to sit at home and watch another disaster occur to the Gulf Coast again. Recently, the movement started an initial trip to Southeastern Louisiana where volunteers worked very hard to collect supplies and donations from the West Coast to give the supplies to real victims of the oil spill. Sponsorships for these trips are supported by generous donations through Universe Broadcasting. Save the Gulf is not affiliated with BP or any subversive agencies. The movement consists over 30,000 “patriots” who desires to assist the victims of the oil spill and its recovery efforts. Save the Gulf’s donations will go to JeffCAP and the Plaquemines Parish Health Department to provide supportive services to the victims of the oil spill. Universe Broadcasting Corporation is now willing to offer a $1 donation per individual who sends a Umail at http://www.UmailWizard.comto The National Wildlife Federation. You can do this for free for a limited time. In light of recent events, the Universe Broadcasting Corporation has created a fund of $1,000 to be dispersed to The National Wildlife Federation to help the wildlife affected by the oil spill. This fund will be donated when 1,000 individuals send one Umail using a new patent pending system. If one 1,000 Umails are not sent, the Umails that have been sent will be tallied and will make a donation based on that number. Every Umail sent is free and you can track and share your Umail forever. JOIN THE MOVEMENT! Visit and the Save the Gulf notes section on Facebook for more information. For more information, please visit JeffCAP’s profile on