Curbed New Orleans Mapping of Recent Construction Projectsimage

A great map of ongoing and upcoming major construction projects in New Orleans.

Urban Conservancy’s Front Yard Initiativeimage

The Front Yard Initiative is an incentive program that reimburses eligible homeowners $2.50 per square foot of paving removed- up to 500 square feet- for a max of $1,250.

Download DOTD’s app to see live road closure informationimage

Disaster assistance for your businessimage

Businesses can be just as adversely effected by natural disasters. moreSBA stands ready to offer assistance if you business has been damaged or destroyed, or if the disaster has impacted your business’s continuity. less

Returning Homeimage

Returning home can be both physically and mentally challenging. moreAbove all, use caution.You may be anxious to see your property but do not return to your home before the area is declared to be safe by local officials. less

Apply for disaster assistanceimage is the only place to apply online for assistance due to a disaster. moreYour disaster does NOT have to be federally declared to use the portal. less

Questions About the National Flood Insurance Programimage

Non-technical documents which outline how the National Flood Insurance Program works, and what to do in the event of a flood.

Louisiana State Animal Response Teamimage

Find out how you can help Louisiana animals who have been displaced due to flooding.

Second Harvest Food Bankimage

Second Harvest provides food to 582 partners and programs across 23 parishes. moreOne in six households in Louisiana is at risk of hunger.Across our state and region, the rising cost of food, housing, and utilities, coupled with high unemployment and low-wage jobs have increased the need for emergency food assistance. less

I See Changeimage

I See Change is an online community almanac that allows its users to report unusual phenomena in the natural world and work with other community members to find out what is at the root of the change.

New Orleans City Municipal Code Lookup Toolimage

This online tool, maintained with coordination between the city and MuniCode, allows anyone to look up what the Home Rule Charter and Municipal Code of the City of New Orleans current is.

New Orleans Assessor Contact Informationimage

To appeal your assessment you should contact your assessor in person or by phone – all assessors are located in City Hall, 1300 Perdido Street, Room 4E01. moreAlgiers residents must go to the Algiers Courthouse annex where the 5th District Assessor is located.For online appeals, please use the Online Appeal of Taxable Valuation (this link will only be active from July 25, 2016 to 4 p.m.on August 18, 2016) less

GNO Urban Water Management Projectsimage

In 2010, the State of Louisiana’s Office of Community Development – Disaster Recovery Unit funded Greater New Orleans, Inc. more(GNO, Inc.) to develop the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan for the east banks of Orleans and Jefferson Parishes and St.Bernard Parish using federal Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery funds from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.New Orleans firm Waggonner and Ball led a team of local and international water management experts in developing the Urban Water Plan, downloadable from this site . less

City of New Orleans Property Viewerimage

Created and maintained by the City of New Orleans, the Property Viewer allows the user to see the status of individual properties and areas from a zoning, historic district and other perspectives as well as boundaries of those same demographics.

Magnolia Community Servicesimage

Founded in 1935, Magnolia Community Services provides support to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. moreThey offer support and services in twenty group homes throughout Louisiana, supported community living, vocational/day habilitation and wellness programs, and supported employment. less

Family Service of Greater New Orleansimage

Begun in 1896 as the Charity Organization Society, Family Service of Greater New Orleans offers a vast array of innovative programs to more than 17,000 families and children. more Schooling to help troubled children; Providing counseling for young mothers, those caught in a web of substance abuse, worried job seekers, former prisoners, single parents and troubled veterans; and by assisting employers in offering counseling services to their work force.Family Service of Greater New Orleans provides caring, confidential counseling for addictions, critical incident stress, child abuse, sexual abuse and anger management. less

GiveNOLA Dayimage

GiveNOLA Day is a 24-hour, online giving event organized by the Greater New Orleans Foundation to ignite the giving community in Southeast Louisiana. moreThe goal is to inspire the community to come together for 24 hours to contribute as many charitable dollars as possible to support the work of local nonprofit organizations. less

Collision Conference

Collision is the fastest growing Tech Conference in the U.S. It brings start-ups, technology and investors together with speakers and events. moreThe conference moved to New Orleans in 2016 and plans to stay here going forward.


Sync Up – Learn the Music Business from the Inside-Outimage

The Sync-Up Conference is held during both Jazz Fest Weekends every year. more It brings in speakers and holds workshops on the music industry, how it is changing, how it works and more.


Young Artists, Young Aspirationsimage

YAYA’s mission is to empower creative young people to become successful adults. moreWe provide educational experiences in the arts and entrepreneurship to New Orleans-area children and youth, fostering and supporting their individual ambitions. less

CBNO Mac – Committee For A Better New Orleansimage

The Committee for a Better New Orleans is the result of the 2002 merger of two New Orleans nonprofit organizations, the Metropolitan Area Committee and the Committee for a Better New Orleans. moreThe Metropolitan Area Committee was founded in 1966 as the first major community organization in New Orleans to reach across race and class lines.  Over the years, its primary areas of focus were public education and good government issues, as well as putting on the annual Metropolitan Leadership Forum.CBNO/MAC has graduated over 40 classes since 1968 and continues to enroll individuals in this program every year. less

Children’s Museum Sensory Friendly Nightsimage

The Children’s Museum offers Sensory Friendly Nights on Monday evenings (check schedule). more Sensory Friendly Family Night offers a comfortable and enjoyable LCM experience for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and their families.Admission is free. less


DestinationGNO was originally a site selection tool for economic developers. moreHowever it has now been made available to the public.The site highlights 48 communities around the region, includes a moving guide, and highlights information about New Orleans’ rich arts and culture, climate, cost of living, economy, education, emergency preparedness, healthcare, parenting, public safety, shopping, and transportation.The site also allows users to select lifestyle attributes important to them and populates suggested communities based on their selections. less

CORE Elementimage

The Core Element is a non-profit organization bringing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) programs to schools in the Greater New Orleans area. moreCore Element trains teachers and equips them with hands-on, inquiry-based kits to be used in the classroom.  Students engaged in more interactive STEM lessons learn the acts of observing, experimenting, keeping journals and taking measurements bringing together all the skills of a well-rounded student. 


311 Information and Assistance in New Orleansimage

From streetlight outages  to pothole problems and blight complaints, New Orleans  can call 311 and get assistance. moreFrom outside the City of New Orleans, callers simply dial 504-658-2299.Agents are ready to take your calls Monday through Friday between 8 am and 5 pm.A large number of frequently answered questions have been collected and warehoused jointly with departmental experts and by information from other shared databases is available to 311 operators.On average, NOLA 311 resolves 70% of calls without transfer, Service Request, or follow-up. less

Children’s Bureauimage

The Children’s Bureau of New Orleans promotes growth and resilience through prevention, advocacy, education and intervention in 1892. moreOur mission is to improve the quality of life for children and families in greater New Orleans through valid and proven programs that enhance and strengthen mental health and wellness. less

Stolen Bike Reportsimage

Bike Easy Nola and Stolen Bike Nola both are trying to raise awareness of Bicycle Thefts in New Orleans. more Bike Easy Nola does this through their website. Stolen Bike Nola is a Facebook page (search Facebook for Stolen Bike Nola). less

EO Accelerator New Orleansimage

Accelerator is a national program of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) to help businesses grow from $250,000 in revenue to over $1,000,000. moreIt features group mentoring, accountability and great programming and contact generation.The New Orleans chapter is the oldest and has the most graduates of any Accelerator chapter in the country. less

VetLaunch — go from Combat to Careerimage

VetLaunch is a business accelerator for Veterans. more Their programs are aimed at helping Veterans leverage their military experience to start new businesses, gain new employment, and continue to make a positive statement in society. less

Louisiana Tax Amnesty 2015image

November 16 – December 15 Amnesty will be granted for eligible taxes to qualified taxpayers who apply during the amnesty period. moreTaxpayers will settle accounts with the state by paying 100 percent of delinquent taxes, 83 percent of the remaining interest and 67 percent of the remaining penalties due, the Department of Revenue said. less

NOLAReady – the New Orleans Community Alert Systemimage

NOLAReady is an alert system that allows City Officials to contact you during an emergency by sending text messages to your: * E-mail account (work, home, school, etc.) * Cell phone, pager * Smart phone or hand held device

Data.Nola.Gov — City Data Free Onlineimage is giving access to catalogs of public data dealing with permitting, calls for service, demographics and more. moreIf you’re a data junkie, here’s where you can dig into the New Orleans facts!


SELA Project Informationimage

The Southeast Louisiana Urban Flood Control Project is a massive drainage project across large sections of New Orleans. more This site, maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers and the S&W Board, gives updates on traffic, public meetings and more. less

Community Voices Projectimage

One of the most moving and positive outcomes of the challenges of the last 10 years is the strength of community engagement that is propelling our community’s recovery post-Katrina. moreIn this interview series, people were asked to identify positive and negative changes and challenges going forward. less

Rebuild Louisianaimage

This site, run by the State, Fema, DHAP, HMGP and many other acronyms, tracks and reports spending by FEMA in disaster-effected areas.

Film New Orleansimage

This site, run by the Mayor’s Office of the City of New Orleans, informs productions that wish to film in New Orleans on the processes, options and process for doing so.

NOLA Youth Disaster DOTankimage

On August 22nd, teens from the New Orleans region are invited to participate in the 1st ever New Orleans DOTank! moreParticipants will talk with industry experts and then get a chance to brainstorm and develop solutions to real-world problems faced during Hurricane Katrina.Teens 13 – 19 are invited to participate in this free event. less

School Readiness Tax Creditimage

The SRTC business tax credit for Louisiana businesses is pretty straightforward. moreA business can donate up to $5,000 to a CCR&R and get 100% of their money back on the Louisiana income taxes.

This refundable credit can be taken against individual income tax, corporation income tax, or corporation franchise tax depending on the business’s entity type.


Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra (GNOYO)image

GNOYO offers orchestral music opportunities through weekly rehearsals, one-on-one instruction with professional musicians and regularly scheduled concerts throughout the community. moreGNOYO accepts all eligible students, regardless of financial means by providing scholarships to those in need of assistance.All musicians with at least 1 year of experience are invited to audition for one of the orchestra’s five ensembles, which accommodate various levels of playing ability.Visit the website or contact GNOYO at 504.528.7720 or for more information. less

NOVAC – the New Orleans Video Access Centerimage

NOVAC provides independent filmmakers and aspiring film students with low-cost media training, educational programming, and networking events designed to help you create and develop a film career. moreAfter 40+ years of operation, NOVAC is the longest continuously running media-arts 501(c)(3) nonprofit in the Southeastern US.We have a mission to cultivate a sustainable film community by providing access to resources, education and locally generated content.NOVAC accomplishes this mission through education, career development, community outreach, independent productions, and special events.  less

Bike & Pedestrian Safety Advisory Committee added to City Councilimage

The New Orleans City Council voted unanimously today to establish a Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Advisory Committee, as proposed by Transportation and Airport Committee chairman Jared Brossett. moreThe committee will provide recommendations to the council pertaining to transportation safety concerns in accordance with the Vision Zero policy the council adopted in October 2014. less


Non-profit dedicated to promoting minority-run startups and small businesses.

Towing and Parking 101 for New Orleansimage

The City’s Department of Public Works/Parking Division handles towing of vehicles. more If you need a car towed (e.g., blocking your driveway) call 504-658-8100. If you think your car was towed by the city, call (504) 658-8284 or (504) 658-8285. These are available 24-hours a day. less

NOLA Satellite Governmentimage

There are over 140 boards, commissions, public benefit corporations, security and development districts, and other entities that undertake public functions on behalf of the people of New Orleans. moreThis site is a guide to them all. less

NoticeMe – Land Use change tool for New Orleansimage

NoticeMe is a personalized notification tool that emails citizens to inform them of opportunities for public input on proposed land-use changes in the City of New Orleans

Grow Dat Youth Farm & Farmers Marketimage

Grow Dat Youth Farm works to nurture a diverse group of young leaders through farming in a section of City Park. more They also participate in several area farmer’s markets.The farm works to produce healthy food for local residents and to inspire youth and adults to create personal, social and environmental change in their own communities.Grow Dat works to support public health, the local economy and a sustainable food system in South Louisiana. less

IDIYA Summer Campsimage

IDIYA a makerspace, workshop and design studio that provides members with the education, tools, and access to a creative community in the interest of fostering innovation in fabricators, hobbyists, artists, entrepreneurs and DIY’ers. moreIDIYA features the latest in professional grade advanced manufacturing and prototyping equipment and is home to a wide variety of machinery and tools.Our current equipment includes CNC Milling, Lathes, Drill Presses, Band Saws, hand tools, plastic and Woodworking, Electronics testing, 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, full body 3D Scanner, CNC Laser Cutters, Vinyl Cutter/Plotter, T-Shirt Screen Printing, computers, design software and more.We also provide classes and training needed to operate the equipment properly and safely.Our goal is to provide you with the equipment, education and workspace needed to help transform your idea into reality.We have four summer camps coming up that kids from ages 12-16 are able to learn, build and enjoy building on and idea from concept to completion and acquiring new skills in the process.2705 S. Broad St New Orleans, LA 70125 less

Louisiana Appleseed’s Pro Bono Legal and Title Searchimage

Louisiana Appleseed is a nonprofit dedicated to solving our state’s toughest problems at the root cause through policy-oriented research and advocacy. moreOne of LA Appleseed’s programs emphasizes that title to inherited property does not automatically pass to a family member (“heir”).Without clear title to the property, the heir will be unable to sell the property, get federal or state recovery funds after a disaster, or borrow money against the property.But getting clear title may be as easy as filing an Heirship Affidavit.Also see:  less

New Orleans Jazz Orchestra Summer Music Programimage

June 8 – July 2,  8:30AM – 1:00PM at Gentilly Terrace Charter School. moreThis summer camp provides music instruction by certified public school teachers and professional musicians, culminating in a summer recital. less

Gateway to Excellence in Math & Science Summer Campimage

SUNO will host a 2-week Math and Science Camp for students who have completed between 2nd and 6th grade. moreFrom 9:30AM until 1PM daily, kids will engage in hands-on math and science activities.Lunch and materials provided free of charge.Apply by May 22nd. less

STEM Summer Camp for Kidsimage

Kids will learn new skills in science, math, robotics, engineering and computer programming, as well as interacting with successful industry professionals.

Sculpture for New Orleansimage

Sculpture for New Orleans” is an on-going sculpture exhibition placing monumental sculptures throughout New Orleans, from the well-traveled areas of Downtown, Uptown and the Garden District to City Park and the New Orleans Museum of Art. moreThe concept of the project is to bring national and international attention to the visual arts and the artists of post-Katrina New Orleans.With the support of an international field of artists, the sculpture exhibition will give local artists a chance to assist and install artwork, as well as the opportunity to network with the visiting artists.In addition, the show will give the local artists a much-needed support structure.Plans are in place for artists to lecture at local universities, including University of New Orleans, Tulane and Xavier. less

Camelback Ventures

A nonprofit social venture fellowship and seed fund that works to bridge the opportunity gap for entrepreneurs from unusual backgrounds by investing critical resources into a select group of startups and their leaders in a 9-month fellowship program.

NOLA Green Mapimage

GreenMap helps you find locally grown food in grocery stores, farmers markets, and community co-ops. moreCheck out the New Orleans map to find local gardens and where their goods are sold. less

NOLA RoadWorkimage

RoadWork is an interactive map that shows planned, in progress, and completed infrastructure products. moreThe map is updated monthly.You can sort by funding source to see which local agency is the source of your commuter woes. less

Mini Maker Faireimage

This year we have over 70 Makers presenting at the faire. moreMakers range from tech enthusiasts to crafters to homesteaders to business owners to scientists to garage tinkerers to artists to chefs to musicians to students.They are of all ages and backgrounds. less

New Orleans Entrepreneur Weekimage

More than 100 events are planned March 11-18 for the annual New Orleans Entrepreneur WeekmoreNOEW will be headquartered on Fulton Street in downtown New Orleans.More than 10,000 people are expected to participate. less

NOLA Tech Weekimage

NOLATech Week is a celebration of the technology industry in New Orleans, which debuted in 2013.  It is held in October each year. more This year’s events are largely centered around the New Orleans Jazz Marketplace. less

The Lens’ “Vault” of Municipal Informationimage

The investigative journalism site The Lens has uploaded thousands of New Orleans city contracts to DocumentCloud and enabled full-text search as well as searching by department and vendor. moreThey have also included City salaries and have included a primer on how to read a government contracts and outlined what city agencies handle what. less

Sidewalk Rules and Regulations for New Orleansimage

Maintaining a sidewalk in a proper state, free from hazardous conditions is the responsibility of the residential or commercial property owner.  Check this site, maintained by the City of New Orleans, for specifics.

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation “Catapult” Fund Programimage

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Foundation is partnering with four organizations to create new program called Catapult Fund. moreThis program will provide Louisiana entrepreneurs in the arts with access to funding and business training.The Catapult Fund is seeking applications from local arts and culture-based businesses.Applicants should explain their business idea and why it fills a void in Louisiana’s cultural economy.Once applications are received, nine to twelve business owners will be accepted into a “Catapult Boot Camp” where they will be educated on how to run a business successfully and draft a high-quality business plan suitable for seeking investments or loans.Those who complete the training will submit these business plans to the partners for funding consideration.The Catapult Fund will aware a total of $50,000 in grants to the best plans.The deadline to apply is July 15, 2014. less

The Funding Seedimage

The Funding Seed coaches non-profit staff, board members & volunteers to make each organization confident, strategic and self-sufficient when it comes to raising money. moreMonthly Open workshops from The Funding Seed are a great way to learn new strategies, brush up on skills and engage with other members of the nonprofit community. Covering topics from Grantwriting for Beginners to Fundraising Events 101 to Creating and Managing an Individual Donor Program, these workshops are an affordable option for nonprofits looking for new fundraising training opportunities. less

The OneApp Process for New Orleans Schoolsimage

The Orleans Parish School Board and the Recovery School District are partnering together to provide students and families with the opportunity to choose a school that suits their interests and needs. moreThe annual New Orleans Public School Enrollment Process offers students the opportunity to easily apply to all participating schools using one application. less

NOLAParks helps you see what outdoor recreation options are across the city.  The site allows you to see where various things like Dog Parks or Basketball Courts are located.

New Schools For New Orleansimage

New Schools for New Orleans trains school leaders, helps get them and their schools launched and advocates for the New Orleans Charter School Movement.

Eastbank Charter School Collaborativeimage

The East Bank Charter School Collaborative publishes the RSDigest (Recovery School District/ New Orleans) and the OPSBrief (Orleans Parish School Board) each month with agendas before the meetings and reports on the decisions and discussions of the meetings.

Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights (formerly Juvenile Regional Services)image

The Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights (formerly Juvenile Regional Services) was founded in October of 2006, in response to the collapse of the New Orleans justice system after Hurricane Katrina. moreThe LCCR is the children’s public defender in New Orleans, providing a youth advocate, a social worker, an attorney, and an investigator to cases.The LCCR also provides professional development, training services, and presentations on topics ranging from juvenile defense practice to criminal law to systemic juvenile justice reform to youth development.    less

New Orleans One Stop for Permits and Licensesimage

The City of New Orleans’ One Stop Shop you can get information on all permits, licenses, and City Planning Commission actions have been brought into single place. moreWhether you are looking to build a house or repair one, start a business or renew a business license, host a special event or sell at one, this is your one place to start. less

STAIR – Start the Adventure in Readingimage

STAIR is a volunteer-based, non-profit children’s literacy organization that provides reading tutors for public school 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade students. moreSTAIR was founded in New Orleans in 1985.Over the last 28 years, STAIR‘s trained volunteers have tutored more than 6,000 public school children who qualify for the program.Volunteer tutors work one-on-one with 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders to improve their reading and language skills. less

The ACE Program at Delgadoimage

Even without a high school diploma or GED, you can begin classes at Delgado and start earning credit towards a degree and career in one of the following divisions: Healthcare, Information Technology (IT) and Technical Pathway. moreIf you are interested in pursuing a career in any of these fields, the ACE Program might be a great way for you to start pursuing a degree.The benefits of participating in the program include the ability to enroll in college prior to finishing the GED program (an early start to your college career), and the opportunity to receive partially waived tuition and book fees for your first 12 credits in ACE. less

Lead Paint Informationimage

NOLA Unleaded provides information and advocacy regarding lead poisoning in New Orleans.

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businessesimage

Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses at Delgado Community College is a practical business management education program that gives entrepreneurs valuable skills for growing their business, the opportunity to access financial capital, powerful networking opportunities and more — at absolutely no cost to participants.

Louisiana FEMA Flood Mapsimage

Flood advisory maps from FEMA including interactive tool to understand Flood Maps and Flood Insurance ratings.

RTA Interactive Route Mapimage

The RTA has several tools to help make better use of the transit system. moreThis includes trip planning, schedules and Google Maps integrated route maps. less

Chinese Drywall Court Timelineimage

The US District Court Eastern District of Louisiana has a timeline that covers the development. moreThis will also contain links to class action settlement claims when they are available. less

Times Picayune Historical Archivesimage

The Times Picayune Archives going back through the 1800s.

The "New" Soft Second Mortgage Programimage

The new version of the Nagin Administration’s Soft Second program allows developers to use the program to rebuild blighted or empty lots where otherwise the financing doesn’t make sense.

Blighted Property Searchimage

BlightStatus is an on-line system that allows citizens to see what the City is doing about blighted properties in New Orleans.

Sewer & Water Board Water Quality Reportsimage

Yearly reports on the quality of water in the New Orleans Sewer & Water System.

EPNO (Emerging Philanthropists of New Orleans)image

EPNO is a giving circle that aims to engage young professionals in philanthropy and to increase the impact that these individuals can have by pooling their resources in a grant-making process for local nonprofit organizations. moreEach participant pledges $500 of his/her own money, and then has that matched by an employer, an outside funder, friends/family, etc.So, each person has $1000 to pool in a focus group (usually about 8-9 people per group) to then dole out the sum ($8000 – $9000) to selected grant applicants. less

NOLA Food and Farm Exchange (FFEx)image

We know that there’s a bunch of you that are growing a lot. moreOften you grow more than you can eat or give to friends & family.The NOLA FFEx gives you a way to move your bounty, extra compostable material, soil, tools, services, available land, etc.that you can get something in return — money, a portion of someone else’s bounty, a much needed tool, services, etc.Listings are free. less

The Deepwater Horizon Economic Claims Centerimage

The Deepwater Horizon Economic Claims Center, or DHECC, is the new program that replaces the Gulf Coast Claims Facility (GCCF) that closed up in early 2012. moreThis new program is expected to offer better settlement terms to claimants and an accelerated payment process. less

NOLA Green Rootsimage

NOLA Green Roots facilitates garden training for hundreds of participants. moreBy developing community gardens, we teach youth, low-income residents, and senior citizens how to grow fresh fruits and vegetables at a low cost. less

Entergy Energy Smart NOLAimage

Entergy New Orleans encourages energy efficiency by providing rebates for ceiling insulation, wall insulation, air sealing, duct sealing, and high efficiency air conditioning and heat pumps in existing homes. moreDepending on what measures installed the customer may be able to receive rebates as much as $1,000 when installing a new high efficiency A/C, ceiling and wall insulation.

Entergy also provides incentives to new home builders for homes that are built 15% greater than the 2006 IECC Energy Code currently in place in Orleans Parish.

For more information, visit the website or call 1-866-721-0249, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. less

Louisiana Tax Calculatorimage

This site helps you calculate your actual real estate taxes for the coming year for various Parishes throughout Louisiana.

Eat Safe Louisianaimage

The Eat Safe website is maintained by the Dept of Health and Human Services. moreIt allows users to see reports on over 30,000 food service establishments throughout the state. less

Youth Run New Orleansimage

Youth Run New Orleans empowers youth across Greater New Orleans for a lifetime of wellness, character, and leadership through mentored training for and completion of local running events. moreWe use running as a medium to inspire and prepare students for success on the track, in the classroom, and in the community. less

Educate Now!image

EducateNow! is a news clipping service and blog that provides comprehensive updates on the state of public K-12 education in New Orleans

Metropolitan Crime Commission Reportsimage

The MCC issues reports periodically about public corruption and criminal justice policy.

Boy’s Hope Girl’s Hope of New Orleansimage

Boys Hope Girls Hope of Greater New Orleans provides children in need between the ages of 10 and 18 with a stable home, positive parenting, high-quality education, and the support needed to reach their full potential.

Indepenent Police Monitorimage

The Office of the Independent Police Monitor (IPM) is an independent civilian police oversight agency created in August of 2008. moreOur goal is to improve police services to the community, citizen trust in the NOPD, and officer safety and working conditions.We do so by bringing accountability to the police department through independently observing the complaint investigation process; by bringing transparency to the department by increasing access to public information about NOPD; and by insuring that departmental discipline, personnel practices, and policing practices are fair to both citizens and individual officers.

Website: – Click on the “Police Monitor” Link.


Twitter: or @nolaipm

Phone: Main Number is 504-681-3223 Complaint Hotline is 504-681-3217
Walk -in: 525 St.Charles Avenue
We can also make arrangements to meet complainants elsewhere.IF more comfortable, people can make complaints with our community partners:

Safe Streets/Strong Communities 504-522-3949 1600 Oretha Castle Halley Blvd
Women with a Vision 504-301-0428 215 North Jefferson Davis PKWY
Catholic Charities Hispanic Apostolate (504) 310-8766 2809 Harvard Ave, Metairie
PIB Can be reached at 504-658-6100 1118 N Rocheblave.They are now open to 8 pm and have a 24 hour hotline to record complaints as well. less

Early Childhood and Family Learning Foundationimage

The Early Childhood and Family Learning Foundation promotes the Whole Child Comprehensive Health Program in 5 Central City schools and 5 Day cares. moreThey assess all the children in the schools for vision, dental, hearing, BP, obesity and other indicators to identify children with physical, mental or social health factors that are obstacles to their learning.A professional health team then establishes a treatment plan that the school faculty and the health team monitor for completion.

Already, after 3 years, our program has assessed and provided services to over 4,000 children and have given critical help to over 150 children that has turned their school performance around, raised the schools’ LEAP scores and put them on track for a successful life. less

Civic Source – Tax Salesimage

Civic Source is an outsourced listing of all tax sales for various cities, including New Orleans.

Project Nolaimage

Project Nola is a public safety information community that provides alerts of criminal justice and police information. moreRun by a local security company, it has notification services via Twitter, Facebook, etc. less

Where Ya Rackimage

Having recently installed their 100th bike rack, Where Ya’ Rack is a project of the Young Leadership Council to help spread bike racks all around New Orleans.

New Orleans Inspector Generalimage

The Office of the Independent Police Monitor (IPM) is an independent civilian police oversight agency created in August of 2008. moreOur goal is to improve police services to the community, citizen trust in the NOPD, and officer safety and working conditions.We do so by bringing accountability to the police department through independently observing the complaint investigation process; by brining transparency to the department by increasing access to public information about NOPD; and by insuring that departmental discipline, personnel practices, and policing practices are fair to both citizens and individual officers. less

Forward New Orleansimage

Forward New Orleans is a coalition of business, non-profit and civic organizations that has a seven point platform of government reforms it is working to get implemented. moreMost elected officials in the 2009/2010 election cycle signed onto the platform and the group releases updates periodically about the progress. less


WorkNOLA is a website that features jobs in the New Orleans area.

Guide to Contractsimage

This guide tells you everything you need to know about what to look for in a contractor agreement BEFORE you sign anything for work to be done&#46

Orleans Parish Charter School Close-Upsimage

This online listings, put together by the Lens, features profiles of all New Orleans public, charter, and Recovery School District schools. moreThe information includes test scores, extracurricular activities, admission criteria, and neighborhood and school demographics to help parents choose the best schools for their children. less

LSU AgCenter “LA House” Resource Guideimage

The LSU Ag Center has put together a resource guide of checklists and information to help homeowners. moreInformation covers energy efficiency, healthy home-building, hazard-resistant materials, and more. less

EO Accelerator New Orleansimage

Accelerator is a national program of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) to help businesses grow from $250,000 in revenue to over $1,000,000. moreIt features group mentoring, accountability and great programming and contact generation.The New Orleans chapter is the oldest and has the most graduates of any Accelerator chapter in the country. less

Greater New Orleans Afterschool Partnership Summer Program Directoryimage

This directory provides a listing of programs made possible through funding by the GNOAP’s Unified Summer Grant project.

Court Watch NOLAimage

Court Watch NOLA’s mission is to monitor each part of the Justice System to ensure transparency and accountability at every level. moreCourt Watch volunteers attend court hearings and trials in all sections of Orleans Parish Criminal District Court and monitor the progress of cases as they proceed through the courts from arraignment through sentencing.To volunteer, visit the website.
Court Watch NOLA is supported by The New Orleans Crime Fighting Coalition. less

Project Lastimage

Project Last, a program offered by the Children’s Bureau, offers specialized Grief and Trauma Group and Individual Counseling to school aged children affected by trauma, loss, or disaster. moreProject Last has been shown to be very effective in reducing symptoms in children who are in crisis due to trauma and community violence.The program is available to Orleans and Jefferson Parish children ages infant to 17 and their families who are survivors of traumatic events, witnesses to acts of extreme violence, or victims of violence.For more information call 504-525-2366less

Gulfsouth Summer Youth Action Corpsimage

The Gulfsouth Summer Youth Action Corps is a service corps comprised of a national network of college students who are dedicated to rebuilding youth services and opportunities in the hurricane affected region. moreCorps members commit to a summer of service engaging, inspiring and empowering local youth. less

Common Contractor Problems

Read this list of the most common contractor scams to protect yourself from contractor fraud. more

You need to think carefully about working with a contractor if he or she…
  • Doesn’t provide a local address or local telephone number- do not hire someone who only supplies a cell phone number.
  • Uses a P.O.Box for an address.And some fraudulent contractors give fake addresses of places that don’t exist or are actually storm damaged properties.Confirm that the address they cite is legitimate by driving to their office.
  • Has a company with a religious or military name like “Jesus Saves Construction,” “Marine Construction,” or “Honest Joe’s Landscapers”.These names are often a cover-up.It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re trustworthy – in fact, it usually means the opposite.
  • Has a ‘doctored’ license.In one case cited by a State Contractor Licensing Board investigator, a man took a real license and forged his name on it.Always look at the contractor’s license (its best to get a copy) and make note of the license number.Make sure that the contractor is the owner of that license and that he is registered in your parish by confirming with the State Contractor Licensing Board.See a sample license here.
  • Has only an occupational license.An occupational license is required for all business owners for the purpose of paying taxes.Make sure your contractor has a State Residential Building License if the job is more than $7500.
  • Solicits door-to-door.Legitimate (and busy) contractors do not have time to solicit door-to-door.
  • Just happens to have left-over materials from previous jobs.
  • Will give you a discount for recommending other customers.
  • Demands that you pay in cash or for the job upfront.Never pay in cash.Make sure you pay with a check or credit card which can serve as a record of payment.
  • Takes more for a down payment than is reasonable, claiming to need instant cash for supplies and to pay workers.A down payment shouldn’t exceed 10% or $1,000, whichever is less, or reasonable to the size of the project.
  • Tries to pressure you into signing a contract you haven’t read or that has blank spaces.
  • Asks you to get the construction permits.It’s the contractor’s responsibility to file for building permits.
  • Asks you to use your home as security for a home improvement loan or borrow money from a lender the contractor knows.If you do not pay the loan or miss a payment, the lender can take your home and sell it.
  • Uses high pressure sales tactics to scare and intimidate you into making an immediate decision about work.Get a competitive bid, check license and registration and get references from customers you can call to discuss their work with.
  • Claims that your job will be a “demonstration.”
  • Offers to perform a free inspection then claims that faulty wiring, bad plumbing, or a leaky roof is putting the homeowner in danger in an attempt to scare the homeowner into agreeing to unnecessary, over-priced work.Always get at least three bids/inspections.
  • States that a written contract is unnecessary, promising to deliver on the verbal agreement.The shady contractor then takes advantage of the situation to perform shoddy work or none at all.
Be sure to follow best hiring practices listed here.

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