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Tipitina is a word that conjures up a lot of different things.  It makes you think of professor longhair.  It makes you think about a music club.  It makes you think about bannanas.  But what it should also make you think about is the Tipitina’s Foundation. moreThis is a great organization that takes the lion’s share of the profits from the operation of the club and uses it to further music education through four main programs.  They put on workshops, classes, buy instruments for students and more.  You can read about it at – it’s under new and notable as well as civic action.  for 89.9… less

When Greg Meffert and folks were first in charge in City Hall there was a lot of talk about revolutionizing how City business was done with technology.  And, even though it turned out badly in the end, it did move the ball forward.  But I would argue that the last 5 years have been a golden age for technology use in New Orleans Government – but its subtle enough that while it affects you every day you don’t notice it, which is how all good tech should be.

Some examples are the recently released 311 tracker, the data sites, the online ticket and tax payments, the zoning and permit systems – all of this is just in the last few years.

You can read about the City’s Tech initiatives at – it’s in the news.

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Someday the construction is going to end…
Wednesday, October 5, 2016

“Someday this war’s gonna end” is the famous line from Robert Duvall’s character in Apocalypse Now.  Well, that line could apply to the uptown construction just as well because, while it seems like it will never end, according to the Sewer and Water Board that oversees the SELA work, several of the projects will finish this year.

That might mean next year for Mardi Gras people won’t be standing on dirt piles and people can drive more or less directly where they want to go.  Personally, I’m not golding my breath but I do have hope.

You can read about the SELA projects that are wrapping up this year at – they’re in the news.

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For almost ten years now the Louisiana Rebuilds contractor rating system has been helping homeowners figure out what contractors to work with.  Born out of the need after Katrina when social network were broken and couldn’t just ask friend what plumber they used, it now has over a thousand contractors listed and reviewed over many specialties such as roofers, green builders, mold remediation folks and more. moreWith the floods in Baton Rouge this tool is taking on new users who haven’t seen it before.

You can read about the Contractor Rating System at – it’s on the right side of the page.

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It rains for days on end, weird so worms eat all the lawns in your neighborhood, suddenly the palm trees all start dying of a rare blight.  When things happen in your immediate surroundings you often notice it but it can be really hard to put it together to understand if it’s just an anomaly or part of something larger.

A local startup has brought a solution to this question to the world and helped thousands of people to work together to figure out why some things in the natural world that are out of place are happening.  It’s called I See Change and it’s a virtual almanac of the kind Ben Franklin would have loved.

You can read about I See Change at – it’s under new and notable.

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