FEMA Information 

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Disaster assistance for your businessimage

Businesses can be just as adversely effected by natural disasters. moreSBA stands ready to offer assistance if you business has been damaged or destroyed, or if the disaster has impacted your business’s continuity. less

Returning Homeimage

Returning home can be both physically and mentally challenging. moreAbove all, use caution.You may be anxious to see your property but do not return to your home before the area is declared to be safe by local officials. less

Apply for disaster assistanceimage

DisasterAssistance.gov is the only place to apply online for assistance due to a disaster. moreYour disaster does NOT have to be federally declared to use the portal. less

Questions About the National Flood Insurance Programimage

Non-technical documents which outline how the National Flood Insurance Program works, and what to do in the event of a flood.

Louisiana State Animal Response Teamimage

Find out how you can help Louisiana animals who have been displaced due to flooding.

Rebuild Louisianaimage

This site, run by the State, Fema, DHAP, HMGP and many other acronyms, tracks and reports spending by FEMA in disaster-effected areas.

FEMA Housing Portalimage

This portal is a listing of housing resources throughout Louisiana. moreCall 1-(888) 294-2822, Mondays to Fridays, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.or visit the website.Landlords are encouraged to include available apartments or houses on the list by calling 1-(888) 294-2822. less

Base Flood Elevationimage

Detailed information about what BFE is and what it means to a homeowner who is rebuilding.


This site is not affiliated with FEMA but provides information about navigating the FEMA system.

Flood Maps

Louisiana FEMA Flood Mapsimage

Flood advisory maps from FEMA including interactive tool to understand Flood Maps and Flood Insurance ratings.


FloodSmart&#46gov features information about flood risk and the benefits of purchasing a flood insurance policy. moreYou can enter your address to find out your home’s flood risk.Visit the website for more information or call 1-888-379-9531. less

Louisiana Mapping Projectimage

FEMA’s LA Mapping Project gives New Orleans area residents a snapshot of flooding risks from 100-year hurricane storm surges and rainfall. moreBecause of the incomplete levee work in New Orleans, the new maps will not immediately affect flood insurance rates.The maps will be updated as levee work is completed. less

FEMA: Increased Cost of Compliance Coverageimage

Information about ICC Coverage on FEMA’s website.