Public Safety


Stolen Bike Reportsimage

Bike Easy Nola and Stolen Bike Nola both are trying to raise awareness of Bicycle Thefts in New Orleans. more Bike Easy Nola does this through their website. Stolen Bike Nola is a Facebook page (search Facebook for Stolen Bike Nola). less

Smart on Crime Louisianaimage

A campaign to reduce Louisiana’s prison population and lower recidivism rates by removing mandatory sentences for non-violent offenders.

New Orleans PreTrial Servicesimage

New Orleans Pretrial Services helps judges decide who stays in jail and who can be safely released to await trial.  The goal of the Program is to reduce the jail population and to save the city money.

Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights (formerly Juvenile Regional Services)image

The Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights (formerly Juvenile Regional Services) was founded in October of 2006, in response to the collapse of the New Orleans justice system after Hurricane Katrina. moreThe LCCR is the children’s public defender in New Orleans, providing a youth advocate, a social worker, an attorney, and an investigator to cases.The LCCR also provides professional development, training services, and presentations on topics ranging from juvenile defense practice to criminal law to systemic juvenile justice reform to youth development.    less

Metropolitan Crime Commission Reportsimage

The MCC issues reports periodically about public corruption and criminal justice policy.

Public Defenders Officeimage

The Public Defenders Association of Louisiana explains the what,why and how’s of the Indigent Defense Funds throughout the State and other issues related to Public Defenders.

Project Nolaimage

Project Nola is a public safety information community that provides alerts of criminal justice and police information. moreRun by a local security company, it has notification services via Twitter, Facebook, etc. less

Independant Police Monitorimage

The Independent Police Monitor helps make sure that public complaints about the NOPD are investigated and to do statistical analysis to help improve service.

New Orleans Crime Coalitionimage

The New Orleans Crime Coalition is a group of local organizations that first started working together in February of 2007. moreThey work systemically to change and improve the criminal justice system. less

St. Tammany Parish Crime Mapsimage

View crime statistics in your neighborhood.

Louisiana State Sex Offender and Child Predator Registryimage

Search for offenders in your area by typing in your address.

NOPD Crime Mapsimage

An updated system that allows for much finer grained views. moreThis is a calls for service based system which means that it’s data is provisional and may be changed based on whether a police report is filed and what eventually is determined to be the actual incident. less

New Orleans Police Departmentimage

The New Orleans Police Department and District Maps

Jefferson Parish Police Departmentimage