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 Utility Companies 

Sewer & Water Board Water Quality Reportsimage

Yearly reports on the quality of water in the New Orleans Sewer & Water System.

Cox Cable Renewal Surveyimage

The City Council’s office has asked for public input on the continuation of the exclusivity agreement on Cable services in New Orleans.

Track Entergy Power Outagesimage

Entergy Corp&#46 has posted a map of utility interruptions online. moreChoose your service area to see a map that will show where outages are, how many households are affected, how long the power has been out and how soon it’s expected to be restored. less

Entergy Complaint and Dispute Resolution Process (.pdf)image

Entergy New Orleans customers with complaints about their electric and gas service or the accuracy of their bills will no longer have to seek satisfaction from the company alone. moreUnder a process approved by the City Council, residential and commercial customers are now able to have an independent third-party arbitrator hear disputes that can’t be resolved between consumers and the company’s customer service representatives.

The complaints will be handled by Louisiana Mediation and Arbitration Inc.which will determine whether a particular complaint is eligible for arbitration as well as hold hearings and issue rulings.

Download this .pdf for information on filing a complaint with Entergy or call the City Council Utilities Regulatory Office at 504-658-1110 for more info. less


(800) 622-6537

Cox Cableimage

(504) 304-8444 or (888) 822-5151.

Jefferson Parish Water Departmentimage

This section of the Jefferson Parish website contains updates from the Water Department. more
To speak with someone at the department call 736-6060 on the Eastbank or 349-5060 on the Westbank. less


Call 1-866-620-6000

Atmos Energyimage

Call 1-888-286-6700


Call 1-800-ENTERGY

New Orleans Sewerage and Water Boardimage

Call 504-529-2837

Get Utility Assistance

Orleans Parish LIHEAP Utility Assistanceimage

For utility assistance in the New Orleans area call Total Community Action at 504-324-8609 for more information&#46 LIHEAP funding is currently unavailable but may be renewed late August 2009.

St. Bernard Parish Utility Assistanceimage

Low income St&#46 Bernard residents in need of utility assistance can contact the St&#46 Bernard LIHEAP program&#46 Hours of operation are 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday&#46 For eligibility requirements and to request assistance, call the main office at 504-278-4468 for an appointment&#46 LIHEAP funding is currently unavailable but may be renewed late August 2009.

Hope House New Orleansimage

Hope House offers a variety of programs for Orleans Parish residents including utility assistance for residents in the 70130 zip code with a disconnect notice, transitional housing for families with children, an emergency food bank, a GED program, and a resource center with free computer use. moreThe Center is located at 916 St.Andrew St.in New Orleans.Visit the website or call (504) 525-2561 for more information. less

Green Light New Orleansimage

Green Light New Orleans aims to help residents reduce energy consumption and energy bills by offering to change old style incandescent bulbs to modern compact fluorescent lighting FREE of charge&#46 Each CFL will save the user more than $45 over the life of the bulb&#46 They will come to your home and exchange your light bulbs at no cost to you. moreHomeowners and renters are eligible&#46 Read more and sign up on their website&#46 less

Low Income Energy Assistance Programimage

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) provides eligible households with assistance in meeting their monthly electric and gas bills.

LIHEAP Assistance Programs by Parish (.pdf)image

Download this &#46pdf for a list of organizations offering LIHEAP utility assistance throughout Louisiana(beginning on page 4)&#46

Utility Efficiency

Estimating Power Usage of Common Household Appliancesimage

This site, run by the US Department of Energy, helps you estimate what the power costs are for anything in your home.

Entergy Energy Smart NOLAimage

Entergy New Orleans encourages energy efficiency by providing rebates for ceiling insulation, wall insulation, air sealing, duct sealing, and high efficiency air conditioning and heat pumps in existing homes. moreDepending on what measures installed the customer may be able to receive rebates as much as $1,000 when installing a new high efficiency A/C, ceiling and wall insulation.

Entergy also provides incentives to new home builders for homes that are built 15% greater than the 2006 IECC Energy Code currently in place in Orleans Parish.

For more information, visit the website or call 1-866-721-0249, Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m. less

Energy Consumption of Household Appliancesimage

General Electric has provided an average energy usage page where you can quickly and easily see what things in your house take to run.

Tips for Reducing Summer Utility Billsimage

The LSU Ag Center has compiled a list of cost-effective ways to reduce summer utility bills.

Build it Back Greenimage

BIBG, a service of Global Green, can help you rebuild your home in a healthier, more energy-efficient way, helping you to reduce monthly utility costs. moreHomeowners can call Global Green to learn how simple home modification upgrades can save up to 20% on utility bills.Personalized energy assessments are available, as well as information about green products that can be purchased locally.Visit the website for rebuilding tips, schedule an in-person consultation, or check the BIBG calendar for informational presentations.Stop by the Resource Center at 841 Carondelet to learn more about green building technologies or energy savings or call 525-2121 for more information. less

LSU AgCenter “LA House” Resource Guideimage

The LSU Ag Center has put together a resource guide of checklists and information to help homeowners. moreInformation covers energy efficiency, healthy home-building, hazard-resistant materials, and more. less