Civic Action

Crime Prevention

Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights (formerly Juvenile Regional Services)image

The Louisiana Center for Children’s Rights (formerly Juvenile Regional Services) was founded in October of 2006, in response to the collapse of the New Orleans justice system after Hurricane Katrina. moreThe LCCR is the children’s public defender in New Orleans, providing a youth advocate, a social worker, an attorney, and an investigator to cases.The LCCR also provides professional development, training services, and presentations on topics ranging from juvenile defense practice to criminal law to systemic juvenile justice reform to youth development.    less

New Orleans Children’s Advocacy Center (NOCAC)image

The Children’s Advocacy is a child friendly place that provides a coordinated, multi-agency approach to the investigation and treatment of child sexual and physical abuse. moreThe NOCAC is a 501(c)3 non-profit program of Children’s Hospital New Orleans dedicated to serving victims of child physical and sexual abuse and ending child abuse in our community.NOCAC is co-located within the Audrey Hepburn CARE Center in a cottage adjacent to Audubon Park. less

Project Nolaimage

Project Nola is a public safety information community that provides alerts of criminal justice and police information. moreRun by a local security company, it has notification services via Twitter, Facebook, etc. less

Bandit Tracker New Orleansimage

Bandit Tracker is a website where you can see pictures and information about people wanted by the law.

Traffic Camera Locationsimage

PhotoEnforced keeps a public, open database of traffic camera locations nationwide. moreThe link below is for the state of Louisiana, just zoom in on the GNO area to see the actual locations.There is also a list on KatrinaConnectionless

Lower Quarter Citizens Against Crimeimage

This is an email and notification posting group for people who live/work in or are concerned about crime and safety issues in the Lower French Quarter of New Orleans, LA. moreIts purpose is to facilitate the distribution of information about upcoming meetings and events to its members promptly and conveniently.Click the link to sign up. less

Citizen Crime Watchimage

This citizen-run website is an online, easy-to-use crime mapping application for the City of New Orleans&#46 Crimes (with category, date, and time) are displayed on the city map showing by geographic location&#46

NOCrimeline – 8th District Crime Reportsimage

NO Crimeline chronicles recent crimes in the French Quarter, Marigny Triangle, and CBD, as well as the efforts of the New Orleans Police Department to catch the perpetrators. moreNot all crimes reported in the 8th District are listed, but those of most interest to residents are featured. less

Court Watch NOLAimage

Court Watch NOLA’s mission is to monitor each part of the Justice System to ensure transparency and accountability at every level. moreCourt Watch volunteers attend court hearings and trials in all sections of Orleans Parish Criminal District Court and monitor the progress of cases as they proceed through the courts from arraignment through sentencing.To volunteer, visit the website.
Court Watch NOLA is supported by The New Orleans Crime Fighting Coalition. less

Metropolitan Crime Commissionimage

The Metropolitan Crime Commission is a citizen’s commission that aims to expose and eliminate public corruption, reduce the incidence of crime, and improve the administration of justice in New Orleans and Baton Rouge. moreVisit the website for reports and recommendations on crime, safety, and the criminal justice system. less

New Orleans Crime Forumimage

Discuss crime in New Orleans on nola&#46com

Silence is Violenceimage

The mission of the Silence is Violence is to call upon both citizens and public officials to achieve a safe New Orleans across all communties. moreSIV engages youth in positive expressions and actions to counter the culture of violence and demands respect for every life, and justice for every citizen in our city.SIV offers youth music workshops, sponsors neighborhood walks, and hosts other anti-violence programs. Visit the website for more information. less

New Orleans Police District Community Meetingsimage

Each police district holds monthly community meetings. moreFind yours and attend to get involved with your neighbors and get to know your police district. less