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Greater New Orleans Afterschool Partnership Summer Program Directoryimage

This directory provides a listing of programs made possible through funding by the GNOAP’s Unified Summer Grant project.

Gulfsouth Summer Youth Action Corpsimage

The Gulfsouth Summer Youth Action Corps is a service corps comprised of a national network of college students who are dedicated to rebuilding youth services and opportunities in the hurricane affected region. moreCorps members commit to a summer of service engaging, inspiring and empowering local youth. less

Youth Run New Orleansimage

Youth Run New Orleans empowers youth across Greater New Orleans for a lifetime of wellness, character, and leadership through mentored training for and completion of local running events. moreWe use running as a medium to inspire and prepare students for success on the track, in the classroom, and in the community. less

STEM Summer Camp for Kidsimage

Kids will learn new skills in science, math, robotics, engineering and computer programming, as well as interacting with successful industry professionals.

Gateway to Excellence in Math & Science Summer Campimage

SUNO will host a 2-week Math and Science Camp for students who have completed between 2nd and 6th grade. moreFrom 9:30AM until 1PM daily, kids will engage in hands-on math and science activities.Lunch and materials provided free of charge.Apply by May 22nd. less

Court Watch NOLAimage

Court Watch NOLA’s mission is to monitor each part of the Justice System to ensure transparency and accountability at every level. moreCourt Watch volunteers attend court hearings and trials in all sections of Orleans Parish Criminal District Court and monitor the progress of cases as they proceed through the courts from arraignment through sentencing.To volunteer, visit the website.
Court Watch NOLA is supported by The New Orleans Crime Fighting Coalition. less

The Data Center (formerly the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center)image

The Data Center (formerly the GNOCDC) analyzes and reports on public data about the City of New Orleans and it’s neighborhoods. moreProducers of the New Orleans Index and the Census data by Neighborhood. less

Sewer & Water Board Water Quality Reportsimage

Yearly reports on the quality of water in the New Orleans Sewer & Water System.

The ACE Program at Delgadoimage

Even without a high school diploma or GED, you can begin classes at Delgado and start earning credit towards a degree and career in one of the following divisions: Healthcare, Information Technology (IT) and Technical Pathway. moreIf you are interested in pursuing a career in any of these fields, the ACE Program might be a great way for you to start pursuing a degree.The benefits of participating in the program include the ability to enroll in college prior to finishing the GED program (an early start to your college career), and the opportunity to receive partially waived tuition and book fees for your first 12 credits in ACE. less

Camelback Ventures

A nonprofit social venture fellowship and seed fund that works to bridge the opportunity gap for entrepreneurs from unusual backgrounds by investing critical resources into a select group of startups and their leaders in a 9-month fellowship program.

EPNO (Emerging Philanthropists of New Orleans)image

EPNO is a giving circle that aims to engage young professionals in philanthropy and to increase the impact that these individuals can have by pooling their resources in a grant-making process for local nonprofit organizations. moreEach participant pledges $500 of his/her own money, and then has that matched by an employer, an outside funder, friends/family, etc.So, each person has $1000 to pool in a focus group (usually about 8-9 people per group) to then dole out the sum ($8000 – $9000) to selected grant applicants. less

Civic Source – Tax Salesimage

Civic Source is an outsourced listing of all tax sales for various cities, including New Orleans.

NoticeMe – Land Use change tool for New Orleansimage

NoticeMe is a personalized notification tool that emails citizens to inform them of opportunities for public input on proposed land-use changes in the City of New Orleans

Lead Paint Informationimage

NOLA Unleaded provides information and advocacy regarding lead poisoning in New Orleans.

LawHelp.org – Rental Lawimage

LawHelp.Org is an online resource for people living on low-incomes and the legal organizations that serve them. moreLawHelp.org provides referrals to local legal aid and public interest law offices, basic information about legal rights, self-help information, court information, links to social service agencies, and more. Southeast Louisiana Legal Services Corporation administers Louisiana’s LawHelp Project, which is made possible by funding from Legal Services Corporation and the Louisiana Bar Foundation. less

Good Eggs NOLAimage

Good Eggs offers an online ordering service for local groceries. moreOrder from your local farmers and foodmakers on the website, and then have your groceries delivered to your home for free, or choose a pickup spot. less

Blighted Property Searchimage

BlightStatus is an on-line system that allows citizens to see what the City is doing about blighted properties in New Orleans.

Greater New Orleans Youth Orchestra (GNOYO)image

GNOYO offers orchestral music opportunities through weekly rehearsals, one-on-one instruction with professional musicians and regularly scheduled concerts throughout the community. moreGNOYO accepts all eligible students, regardless of financial means by providing scholarships to those in need of assistance.All musicians with at least 1 year of experience are invited to audition for one of the orchestra’s five ensembles, which accommodate various levels of playing ability.

Visit the website or contact GNOYO at 504.528.7720 or gnoyo@gnoyo.org for more information. less

Metropolitan Crime Commission Reportsimage

The MCC issues reports periodically about public corruption and criminal justice policy.

NOLA Food and Farm Exchange (FFEx)image

We know that there’s a bunch of you that are growing a lot. moreOften you grow more than you can eat or give to friends & family.The NOLA FFEx gives you a way to move your bounty, extra compostable material, soil, tools, services, available land, etc.that you can get something in return — money, a portion of someone else’s bounty, a much needed tool, services, etc.Listings are free. less